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Only a Half Blood

After losing her husband Alys isn't ready to find love... 


Aiden has been waiting for what feels like a lifetime to find his... 


Will Aiden be able to convince Alys that they were meant to be? They will be tested in ways no normal person is tested, but they aren't exactly normal people. After searching for her only to find out she doesn’t even know werewolves exist he plans on winning her over the old-fashioned way if he has to, however, his plans end in ruin as a rogue who has been watching her since they were teens, wants her for himself. Alys and Aiden work together to learn about her past and find out who she really is; a Half Blood. Will they be able to overcome all of the obstacles they meet on the way? Will Alys accept who she is and become the True Mate of the new man in her life?


Her Fae Prince

One seemed so perfect, a strong, handsome warrior wolf.

The other is headstrong with a bad reputation, oh and a Fae.

Ember McKenzie Nichols is stuck between two very different men who are both fighting for her hand and her heart. Before she gets a chance to figure out where her heart is leading her she's thrust into the mystery of missing supernaturals. Both wolves and Fae have been taken and before a war breaks out it's up to Ember and her small team to find out who's taken them and why, and hopefully get them back. Little does she know that the Blood Lust Coven is trying to do just that, start a war.


Will Ember solve the mystery and save her people in time? Will she be able to follow her heart and find her Goddess-Given True Mate?

Coming Soon

His Hybrid Witch

Hunter and Isla think everything is going great. Until the Warlock Council arrive with accusations against the former Alpha, his father Aiden. They claim he aided a rogue witch escape trail with them. Since Aiden is not there they threaten to take Hunter in his place. Will they be able to find the witch in time to clear his name? Will she even be willing to help them?

Coming Soon
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Book no.3
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